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Way to Send Unlimited Free International SMS from iPad to any Mobile Phones

If you have used the JaxtrSMS app available for all major mobile platforms including iOS you probably would have saved on monthly bills. Probably not that much as we now have apps like Whatsapp and iMessage but JaxtrSMS lets you send unlimited free SMS worldwide from smart phones not only to other JaxtrSMS users but also to phones without apps installed on them. But on iOS only iPhone users were lucky, whereas all iPod Touch and iPad users were left alone without an option. The fact that iPod Touch and iPad devices don’t support cellular connection was preventing users from sending and receiving SMS on these devices. Not anymore. Check out this trick to use JaxtrSMS app on iPod Touch and iPad to send and receive unlimited international SMS.

Like what you know Apple lets you install iPhone only apps on iPad and use it in 2x mode. Also all iPhone apps can be installed on iPod Touch. But that doesn’t actually help us here as these iDevices lack a phone number associated with it. But the good news is that the validation link sent while registering can be received on any mobile phone and once validated you can use JaxtrSMS from iPad or iPod Touch just like you would use on an iPhone.

How to send and receive unlimited SMS for free from iPad, iPod Touch:

1. Download JaxtrSMS iPhone app and install it on your iPad.

2. Once after installation, open JaxtrSMS app on iPad and run it in 2x mode (optional).

3. Enter your name, country and mobile number to register with JaxtrSMS. Accept the ToS and hit ‘Register/ Login’.

4. Now a verification link will be sent to the registered number as text message (SMS) from where you need to click the link to verify your account. If you have not subscribed to a data plan you can open JaxtrSMS app on iPad and try sending SMS to any other number. And while asking for verification select ‘Verify by Call’. Soon you will receive a call on your mobile. Just attend the call and your mobile phone will be verified.

5. Once registered you can send unlimited SMS for free to any local and international number. Make sure you enter the country code along with the recipients mobile number. Also all the messages sent and received will be shown in JaxtrSMS app on iPad.
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