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SwiftKey 4.2 beta

On Tuesday SwiftKey unveiled SwiftKey Cloud, a new suite of services that only improves how SwiftKey works on your device, but also streamlines that experience across devices.
Available now as part of SwiftKey 4.2 Beta, Cloud will ultimately be part of the main app currently available in Google Play.

The Enabling the Cloud option provides three features: backup and sync, trending phrases, and enhanced personalization.

Backup and Sync
One of the biggest advantages of SwiftKey: The keyboard learns your typing patterns over time, adjusting everything from its displayed words to its guesses on which keys you meant to tap.

Since the app is constantly taking in new information about your usage, it's constantly improving — until you lose your phone or upgrade. Then, you have to start the whole process from scratch.

“One of the big weaknesses in the product to date has been that stuff has really stayed on each device.”

Using SwiftKey Cloud, this information is now backed up on the Cloud, which you can then sync across all your Android devices — including new devices (just download SwiftKey on them first).
If you're switching from a Galaxy Nexus to the HTC One, the data stored in your Nexus will come with you.
“It’s kind of completing the puzzle.”

About SwiftKey
In addition to gathering information about how you type, SwiftKey learns what you type. A newly enhanced personalization feature allows users to sync Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts with SwiftKey, which will tell the keyboard which phrases you use often, therefore improving its suggestions.

RSS integration lets you also sync your own personal blog's language with the app, or one from a blog with a writing style you admire.

Plus, support for new trending phrases automatically syncs from Twitter and other news sources with the app on a daily basis. So, during big news events, the keyboard will anticipate what you're trying to type — and offer word suggestions based on others' conversations.

Overall, this is a major update that will improve how the app works today as well as your experience with it in the future.

SwiftKey Cloud is available in the SwiftKey 4.2 Beta update, available as a free download online at beta.swiftkey.net. Launch support includes U.S. and U.K. English, as well as 11 other languages, with more coming soon, the company said.

What do you think of SwiftKey’s new Cloud features? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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