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Apple eyeing towards gesture control implementation in IOS 7

Apple eyeing towards gesture control implementation.For Achieving their objective the Apple IOS 7 is working in order to deliver the ease of usage as the iPhone maker claims.It so happens that the upcoming platform’s beta version which Apple had released a while back, stands to be home to the feature which permits monitoring functions on the interface with the help of users’ head movements.

 This development has been undertaken keeping in mind the interests of those with certain disabilities, seeing as it has been spotted in the Accessibility section of Settings. It is also being said that the attribute can be tailored depending on owners’ convenience. For instance, people can choose to tilt their head to either the left or right side to serve the purpose of returning to the homescreen.

People had a great fun in testing the functionality agree with the belief that even though the head controls are pretty reliable

The fore mentioned article went on to indicate that head gestures will also cover various other activities such as accessing Siri, controlling the volume and more. There is no saying whether we will indeed find this attribute present in the final build, but loyalists can rest assured that features such as Control Center, iTunes Radio and AirDrop will be a part of the bandwagon.

With almost three months to go for iOS 7 to reign over iPhones and iPads in the market, we reckon there’s still a lot to be unveiled. In the meantime, check out the video attached below to get a clearer picture of what the head gesture control option has in store for its users.
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