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Airtel,Google join hands to launch Free Zone service

Bharti Airtel and Google have teamed up to launch Free Zone service that enables Airtel mobile subscribers to access mobile web search, Gmail and Google+ at free of cost. Free Zone lets user access first page of a website from search results at no data cost.

To start with, users need to visit www.airtel.in/freezone. They can simply start using the Internet without having to sign in to the service. Users can search and access the first page of websites from the results for free. If they click further into a website after that, they are directed to a page where they can purchase a data package.

Moreover, users have free access to Gmail from their mobile browser. If users click on a link or attachment within the email, they are directed to a page where they can purchase a data package. If users don’t have a Google account, they can create one at no cost by clicking on sign up or click here.

For social networking enthusiasts, the Free Zone service allows users to share hare online photos and messages with circles of family, selected friends or the public, and follow updates on their favourite topics and people on Google+.

When users leave the Free Zone to browse further in a website or download an attachment they are notified about the data charges as well as given the option to purchase an appropriate data package.

It's notable users can use Google+, Gmail and Google Search free of data charges with a fair usage cap of 1 GB per month.
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