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3D Touchscreen - New innovation

A 3D touchscreen yes your are hearing it right which has been developed by Microsoft, that shows images which can be felt and manipulated.Microsoft said that 3D touchscreen can have both medical and gaming uses.

It includes an LCD flat panel screen with force sensors and a robotic arm that moves it back and forwards and by controlling how much resistance there is to a user's fingertip the device can simulate the shape and weight of objects shown on screen.

Senior researcher said that when the finger pushes on the touchscreen and the senses merge with stereo vision, if convergence is done correctly and visuals are updated constantly so that they correspond to the finger's depth perception, it will be enough for the brain to accept the virtual world as real.

Company has created a demonstration using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a brain to show how a medic could navigate through the different slices by pushing their finger against the display allowing them to draw notes and leave a 'haptic detent', or force-feedback marker - at certain layers to make it easier to find them again later on.

The 'haptic detent' can be extended to flag up potential problems is encountering an anomaly like a tumour, because one can change the response based on what they touch.

So Gamers and Doctor will be much  happy with the innovation from the Microsoft both are goin to get much success from this device.
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