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IPhone thief's photo on victim's Facebook wall.

A thief recently stole an unsuspecting woman's iPhone in Bremerton, Washington, and went on to post his photo on the victim's Facebook page. While the victim got alarmed and erased all her data from the phone, her friends had their own brand of fun with the photo, labeling it with captions such that it went viral on the internet.
Jeannie Allen, who noticed that she lost her iPhone while shooting a video for a regional library, said that the handset has all of her personal data, including work and personal emails as well as pictures of her children.

Worried about the possible misuse of her personal data, Allen contacted a friend who informed the victim that the thief had posted his own photo on her Facebook page. Allen told Washington-based news website King5, "I think he thought it was his Facebook page."

The photo showed that the thief was on a ferry and was telling his friends about it with the caption, "ya know on the ferry."

While Allen remotely erased all personal data and accounts from her stolen iPhone, her friends put captions like "cell phone thief" and "needs belt worse than phone" on the picture and uploaded it to the local Facebook page. This post caught the attention of the group members and went viral, with around 130 people sharing it on their Timeline.

Community members then posted on Facebook about seeing the thief several times, though the local police have been unable to catch him.
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